[Garden State JUG] Native Java with Spring Boot and JHipster

December 14, 2021

Do you want to deploy your Spring Boot apps in a serverless environment and have them start up in milliseconds? Of course, you do!

In this talk, Josh Long and Matt Raible will introduce you to Spring Native. They'll teach you all about how it can compile Spring Boot apps into native binaries that start faster than a speeding bullet! You'll learn about native testing support with JUnit 5 and the pros and cons of native vs JVM deployments.

This talk will also highlight a customer, the JHipster project. JHipster generates Spring Boot-based monoliths and microservices. You'll learn about the project's experience with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring WebFlux, and Spring Native. It ain't easy being a Java Hipster, but the Spring ecosystem does simplify the process quite a bit.