Rust Meetup Linz

April 28, 2022
Thu 5:30pm (Europe/Amsterdam)

Deepu K Sasidharan will present a talk titled "Is Rust a great language for building Kubernetes ecosystem?"

When it comes to building tools for the Kubernetes ecosystem, your first thought would be Golang, I'm here to explore if Rust is a better alternative, especially for in-cluster tooling that needs to have minimal overhead and for WebAssembly workloads. Rust is also great for building Kubernetes tooling like CLI apps and so on.

I'll be also sharing and showcasing KDash - a Kubernetes CLI dashboard that I built using Rust and we will look at the Kubernetes-Rust ecosystem that is rapidly evolving and why you should consider it

  • Rust vs Golang for k8s use cases
  • Advantages of Rust over Golang
  • Ideal Kubernetes use cases for Rust (WASI, tools, proxies)
  • Real-life use case and example (KDash)
  • State of the Rust ecosystem for DevOps and K8s